Privacy Policy

At, we value your privacy.

As a result, we have created a Private Policy that will help you understand how we protect your privacy.

Our privacy policy will help you understand the type of data we collect, why we do it, and how the data helps us.

The information our website receives and how it is used

We usually gather general data to help us determine how effective our website is.

Therefore, we only collect general data and not individually identifiable data from our visitors.

When you visit our site, the website servers can recognize the following generic data:

  • Internet Protocol address (IP address)
  • Date and time when our visitors visit the website
  • The website from which the visitors enter our website
  • The amount of time the visitors spend on our website

We collect this data to monitor the website’s traffic, improve the functions and resources of the website and to diagnose any server problems that we might be experiencing.

However, we do not collect private data because we are only limited to collecting generic information.

Sometimes, we can share the statistical and demographic data collected by our servers with our partners.

It is important to understand that the data we share with our partners is obtained from our visitors as a group and not from individual website visitors.

Hence, your data is always safe and we cannot collect nor share your data with third parties.

The information received by the Ad networks operating on our website

We allow various ad networks to display various advertisements on our website.

These networks can also be able to collect general information/data from our visitors so that they can display advertisements that you need.

If you don’t like personalized advertisements, you can decide to stop them.

However, it is impossible to opt-out of generic advertisements that are allowed by the website.

These ad networks cannot access your personal information in any way because they are only interested in general information to help them generate advertisements that you can relate to.

Users comments

Users can comment on our website if they are willing to offer opinions, feedbacks or share their ideas.

However, sharing any personal data is not advisable because the data or information provided can be used by third parties.

Therefore, if you are going to comment on our website, don’t share your individual data or information to maintain your privacy.

We can remove or edit some of the users’ comments if the content is inappropriate, erroneous, or due to security reasons.

Link to other websites

Since our website links to other websites that might require you to provide personal information e.g. name, phone number, address, email address, or a link to any of your social media account (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.), for you to access them.

We advise our users to read the privacy policy and terms of service of these sites because we cannot control how these sites/third parties use the information you provide.

We are responsible for the data we collect on our website and our Privacy Policy is quite different from that of other sites.

Therefore, be very cautious to avoid privacy breach.

This page is also available in Spanish.