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Climate control systems are essential for maintaining comfort in residential and commercial spaces.

To keep these systems in good condition, HVAC mechanics will help deal with them.

People who like manual work, can solve problems, and are apt in mechanics will find this career suitable for them.

Below, you will find more information about the HVAC mechanics career.

Responsibilities of an HVAC Mechanic

An HVAC mechanic installs, maintains, and repairs the HVAC system.

The scope of work is diverse, making you responsible for the following tasks:

  • Install new AC systems
  • Repair vents and change air filters
  • Perform routine maintenance on HVAC systems
  • Inspect and troubleshoot problems with existing HVAC units.
  • Maintains the inventory of replacement parts and orders replacements
  • Complies with company and industry safety standards

To ensure that you can perform your responsibilities well, you must possess the following:

  • Problem-solving and analytical skills
  • Good mechanical skills
  • Good communication skills
  • Customer service
  • Strong physical strength and stamina

Career Outlook and Prospects for HVAC Mechanics

As of May 2021, the Bureau of Labor Statistics saw a 5% increase in employment levels for all HVAC professions.

So until the end of 2030, an average of 38,500 new jobs will open every year.

The reason for this increase stems from the rising importance of green living in climate control systems.

That’s why HVAC mechanics have become sought-after in various industries today.

Moreso if you have kept up-to-date with the latest innovations in the HVAC systems.

Right now, people in the healthcare, construction, and hospitality industries are the top paying clients of HVAC mechanics.

These clients usually go for independent contractors or HVAC companies to help in the upkeep of their systems.

Potential Salary of an HVAC Mechanic

Training and experience matter in all HVAC professions.

That’s why, when calculating your salary, employers will look at your experience to determine your potential pay.

The table below shows the average salary based on experience for an HVAC mechanic.

Experience LevelYears of ExperienceHourly Pay
Entry-levelLess than 1 year$15.10
Early career1 to 4 years$19.20
Mid-career5 to 9 years$24.31
Late career10 to 19 years$25.96
Experienced20 years and above$29.48

Salary information retrieved from Payscale as of July 2022

Steps to Becoming an HVAC Mechanic

Here’s how you can start a career as an HVAC mechanic:

Step 1 – Get Your High School Diploma or GED Equivalent

The HVAC mechanic profession doesn’t have a strict education requirement.

What matters is that you completed your secondary education with a strong background in math and sciences.

Step 2 – Receive the Appropriate Education and Training

You have two options:

Enroll in an HVAC mechanic course

Most aspiring HVAC mechanics choose to enroll in a post-secondary program to acquire the necessary training.

It can take 6 months up to 2 years to complete, with you being awarded a certificate or associate’s degree.

Apply for an apprenticeship program

Some aspirants like to go for direct practical instruction that an apprenticeship provides.

In other words, they learn best under the guidance of a senior HVAC mechanic.

The program is usually sponsored by a private company or union and can last up to 5 years.

Step 3 – Obtain the Necessary Certification and/or Licenses

EPA Section 608 Technician Certification

Anyone entering the HVAC field is required to earn this certification.

It aims to ensure you can safely work with refrigerants.

State or local license

Most states and their localities will ask you to get a license before you can work in the field.

Check with your locality for any licensing requirements.

Additional certification

Organizations like NATE or HVAC Excellence provide nationally-recognized HVAC certifications.

So if you need it, you can obtain one at will.

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