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Are you thinking of becoming a HVACR technician in Montana?

Well, that is a great idea!

There is not much to worry about regarding licensing, and the salaries are more than decent.

Not only that, but you can run your own business as a contractor!

Here is what you need to know before becoming a HVAC technician in Montana.


A career of a HVAC technician is a very stable one.

Your earnings will probably only begin at $25,000, but that salary will become higher as your experience, skills, and knowledge grow.

The highest paying HVAC technicians earn as high as $75,000.

Here are the salaries that you can expect in the ten largest cities in Montana.

Annual Salary Range:

Average Salary of HVAC Techs in Montana

City NameSalary
Great Falls$40,523
Butte-Silver Bow$38,621
Anaconda-Deer Lodge County$38,621
Miles City$44,050
* Salary information last updated 2022

Contractor Requirements

There are two possible cases if you are looking to become a contractor.

Namely, if you plan to work as a contractor and start a business career that way, you do not need to have a license.

Licensure is optional for those kinds of contractors.

However, once you decide to employ somebody else to work on HVAC systems besides you, you are required to have a license.

That license is a general contractor license.

Therefore, it order to obtain that license you do not need to show specific ability related to HVAC.

You can find out more about the license, as well as about the advantages it can have, on the state’s FAQ page about construction contractors.

A significant advantage is definitely that registration ensures your participation in the worker compensation program in case that someone injures themselves on the job.

Local Requirements

Each local government is entitled to ask for additional requirements for you to meet.

That is how Great Falls, Billings, Missoula set their own regulations and licensing requirements.

Those requirements involve business licenses, and apply to you if you are thinking of, or if you run your own business.

Since the requirements and regulations can vary, please do check with the local office that is in charge of licensing if there are special requirements particular for your area.

EPA Certification

The Environmental Protection Agency requires that all people who intend to work with refrigerants be certified pursuant to the EPA Section 608.

There are different types of licenses. Therefore be sure to opt for the one that you need.

If you wish to work on air conditioning systems of cars and other motor vehicles, you will need to acquire the EPA Section 609 certificate.


While there is no need for formal licensing, and examinations, education is always beneficial for your career.

HVAC technicians with more experience, skills, and knowledge earn more.

What better place to gain the skills and the knowledge than at the official HVAC training program?

Here is a list of schools that offer approved HVAC training programs:

5 HVAC Schools in Montana

School NameAddress
Ashworth College6625 The Corners Pkwy NW #500, Norcross, GA 30092
Flathead Valley Community Clge/Kalispell Campus777 Grandview Drive, Kalispell, MT 59901
hvacredu.net (Online Training)P.O. Box 77, Heron, MT 59844
Montana State University-Billings3803 Central Avenue, Billings, MT 59102
Univ. of Montana-College of Technology3639 S. Avenue West, Missoula, MT 59801


In Montana, there are very few terms for licensing.

That is exactly why conditions and potential for the ones who hope to work in the HVAC industry is amazing.

In case you are new to the industry, make sure that you obtain all the skills, knowledge, and experience.

Perhaps you can even get an apprenticeship to help you gain experience and further your career. Good luck!

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