How Much an HVAC Technician Makes

HVAC technicians ensure that HVAC systems work properly in controlling the temperature and air quality in buildings.

In this way, clients can have a climate-controlled environment suitable to store and transport perishable goods.

Because of this heavy work, the salary they receive is much higher compared to similar occupations.

To know how much an HVAC technician makes, read the information below.

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Salary of an HVAC Technician According to Compensation Websites

Compensation websites have their algorithm and calculations when computing the average pay.

But do take note that the actual salary will still depend on the employer.

The data below, and the ones that follow, only serve as references for your future use.

WebsiteAverage Hourly PayAverage Annual Pay
Bureau of Labor Statistics$23.38$48,630$22.00$46,624

Data from BLS were as of May 2021, all others were as of July 2022

Top Paying Industries for HVAC Technicians

One of the factors that affect salary is the industry you’re working in.

The more in demand an HVAC technician in a certain industry is, the higher the compensation.

So here are the top 12 industries that offer higher salaries in this profession:

 IndustryAverage Hourly PayAverage Annual Pay
1Scheduled Air Transportation$42.87$89,180
2Natural Gas Distribution$41.69$86,710
3Electric Power Generation, Transmission, and Distribution$41.33$85,970
4Aerospace Product and Parts Manufacturing$41.19$85,680
5Deep Sea, Coastal, and Great Lakes Water Transportation$38.96$81,050
6Facilities Support Services$29.11$60,560
7Merchant Wholesalers, Durable Goods (4232, 4233, 4235, 4236, 4237, and 4239 only)$28.33$58,930
8Commercial and Industrial Machinery and Equipment (except Automotive and Electronic) Repair and Maintenance$28.18$58,610
9Colleges, Universities, and Professional Schools$27.28$56,740
10Direct Selling Establishments$26.74$55,630
11Building Equipment Contractors$25.80$53,660
12Personal and Household Goods Repair and Maintenance$20.85$43,370

Data retrieved from BLS as of May 2021

Top Paying States for HVAC Technicians

Another factor that affects salary is your workplace’s location.

If you work in a state or city with an increasing need for HVAC technicians, then you can earn more.

Below, you’ll find the top 5 states offering higher salaries to HVAC technicians:

StateAverage Hourly PayAverage Annual Pay
District of Columbia$33.72$70,130
New Jersey$32.91$68,460
New York$31.82$66,180

Data retrieved from BLS as of May 2021

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