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There is a growing demand for skilled HVAC technicians.

This job market is expected to increase by 20% in the next decade.

That means that the job security and increased salaries is what can describe the HVAC profession.

If you are interested in becoming a HVAC technician, here is all that you need to know.


On the average you can expect to earn as much as $20.22 hourly.

As your experience, and your skill set, increase your pay will get higher.

The highest earning technicians are in the Eugene area.

Their salary stands at an average of $54,300.

That does not imply that the earnings are high only in the major cities. 

Coast town technicians can earn an average of $48,970.

If you are interested in what the salaries look like in the ten largest cities in Oregon, take a look at the following table:

Annual Salary Range:

Average Salary of HVAC Techs in Oregon

City NameSalary
* Salary information last updated 2022

Licensing Requirements

To become a HVAC technician in Oregon you need to complete a formal HVAC education at a technical school or an apprenticeship.

You will need to decide whether you would like to have a Limited Maintenance Specialty Contractor- HVAC/R license or a CCB (commercial and residential contractor) license.

Limited Maintenance Specialty Contractor License

For this license you do not have to pass an exam.

You need to apply with your board.

The license is valid for three years. The license’s cost is $75. The license has its limitation.

It is confined by the signing supervisor’s license limitations.

Unless your employer has more expansive licensing, your company may be restricted and you will not be able to work on bigger projects.

The license allows you to: maintain, service, repair, or replace commercial and industrial electrical products that use fuel or other forms of energy to produce heat, power, refrigeration, or air conditioning.

CBB Exam

You are deemed eligible for this exam when you complete sixteen hours of required education.

What you will gain through this training is what you need to manage projects as a contractor who abides by the state laws and regulations of Oregon.

In addition to that, it will serve as great preparation for the exam you will need to pass.

You can register for the exam by calling the PSI or online.

The tests are held Monday through Sunday.

The testing locations are in Aurora, Baker City, Bend, Eugene, Independence, Medford, and Portland.

Although you can bring the NASCLA Contractors Guide to Business, Law and Project Management to the exam as a helping tool, you will need through preparation prior to the exam.

The exam itself consists of 80 questions.

You need to complete those questions within 3 hours.

To pass the test, you need to score a minimum of 70%. The results are processed on site.

This means that you will know your results on spot prior to leaving the testing site.


What better way to earn experience and prepare for the tests you need to take than to attend an official training in a school that offers approved HVAC training programs.

You will have a clear advantage over other applicants, as you will have already covered everything both through theory and through practice.

Here is a table of schools that have approved HVAC training programs in Oregon:

6 HVAC Schools in Oregon

School NameAddress
Ashworth College6625 The Corners Pkwy NW #500, Norcross, GA 30092
Chemeketa Community College4000 Lancaster Drive, Salem, OR 97309
hvacredu.net (Online Training)P.O. Box 77, Heron, MT 59844
Lane Community College4000 E 30th Avenue, Eugene, OR 97405
Linn-Benton Community College6500 Pacific Blvd. SW, Albany, OR 97321
Portland Community College-Cascade Campus705 N Killingsworth, Portland, OR 97217

Job Prospects

HVAC industry is growing fast in all of the states of America, and Oregon is no exception to this trend.

Currently, the number of technicians and installers exceeds 2,500.

According to the projections there will be more than 450 jobs created in the field of HVAC.

The annual salary of HVAC technicians in Oregon was calculated to be $50,000 in 2014.

This shows that HVAC technicians in Oregon earn more than technicians in other states.

However, one thing you have to keep in mind is that Oregon does have a higher cost of living.


HVAC technicians do not need to be licensed if they are not contractors. However, acquiring a license will only benefit you.

Not only can you be a valuable asset of a company if you have the proper license, but you can also establish your own business.

You can be a skilled technician in the designated RMI that completed the education and exam process successfully.

By earning a HVAC license you will be able to earn more, and you will have plentiful opportunities to bid on bigger and better projects.

The more success your business has, the better payoff.

If you are a HVAC technician that is currently only an employee, you can become a contractor.

The thing that we would advise is acquiring a CCB.

If you think that that is too big of a bite for you, you can get a fellow colleague do that.

Through apprenticeships and schooling you can get more experience.

This will enable you to decide between working in residential, or commercial.

Perhaps you will opt for pursuing a dual license.

Oregon is a great place for HVAC technicians. Here, technicians make above the national average in the trade industry.

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