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Licenses or certifications are not needed in order to work in the HVAC industry in South Dakota.

However, there are a few things that you need to know before starting out your career as a HVAC technician in South Dakota.


The HVAC industry is on the rise, and it is only expected to grow.

In a jib market like that you need to have an edge over others to become the top-earning HVAC technician.

There are quite a few determining factors when your salary is concerned.

You may expect to earn anywhere from an average of $28,800 at the beginning of your career, and up to $45,000 as you earn experience.

Here is a table of salaries you can expect in the ten largest cities in South Dakota:

Annual Salary Range:

Average Salary of HVAC Techs in South Dakota

City NameSalary
Sioux Falls$40,953
Rapid City$40,555
* Salary information last updated 2022


As it was mentioned previously, there are quite a few determining factors when it comes to your salary.

One of those factors can be education.

When you attend a HVAC training program, not only do you obtain the theoretical knowledge, but you also earn experience through the practical parts of the training.

Here is a table of schools that offer approved HVAC training programs in South Dakota:

5 HVAC Schools in South Dakota

School NameAddress
Ashworth College6625 The Corners Pkwy NW #500, Norcross, GA 30092
hvacredu.net (Online Training)P.O. Box 77, Heron, MT 59844
Lake Area Technical Institute230 11th Street NE, Watertown, SD 57201
Mitchell Technical Institute821 N. Capital Street, Mitchell, SD 57301
SouthEast Technical Institute2320 Career Place, Sioux Falls, SD 57107

Local Requirements

In cases like these where there are no state-wide requirements for licensing, it is always important to check if there are local requirements.

You will get this information from the local offices or your city’s web site.

Sioux Falls, for an example, does require a Master Mechanic license that covers all HVAC applications.

In this area you will need a minimum of four years’ work experience to become a contractor.

In addition to that contractors need to pass a professional exam.

Rapid City requires contractors to have a license as well.

PHCC of South Dakota

If you are looking for a place to find useful resources, apprenticeship programs, and e-learning grants, you should definitely make contact with the The Plumbing, Heating and Cooling Contractors of South Dakota (PHCC).

PHCC of South Dakota is an association that provides these things to tradespeople for over 90 years.

EPA Certification

The federal law stipulates that everyone who works with refrigerants must acquire the Environment Protection Agency certificate.

In accordance to this law – Section 608 of the EPA – you can obtain three classes of certificates.

The class of the certificate you should opt for depends on the equipment you want to work with.

Therefore, there is EPA Type I, Type II, and Type III.

There is also a third option – the universal certification which substitutes all of the above-stated certificates.


HVAC technicians in South Dakota do not have to attain any state-level licenses.

However, the largest local municipalities do tend to have their own requirements.

That is why you should check with the local offices if you need to fulfill any requirements to work as a HVAC technician or a contractor in your area.

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