6 HVAC Tech Schools in St. Louis, Missouri

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St. Louis is one of the most beautiful and vibrant cities in the state and it is located on the Mississippi River.

The city has some of the most beautiful historical buildings and it is also a bustling business center.

The education system here is excellent and the student campuses are fun and welcoming.

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HVAC Techs annual average salary in Missouri is $52,920 - ABOVE U.S. AVERAGE!

Ranken Technical College

Ranken Technical College is one of the best learning facilities in the whole state. It offers many vocational programs and the teachers here will prepare you for a bright future career. The facilities are well-designed and they focus on enhancing your learning and your student life. The school is famous for its professional but yet very friendly and warm approach.

The vocational training programs will take you from scratch and one of the best in HVAC. During this training you will get all the needed skills to install, troubleshoot, maintain and repair a system, making you ready for a future career.

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AddressAddress: 4431 Finney Ave Saint Louis, MO 63113

Midwest Institute

Focused on the growth and development of each student, Midwest Institute is one of the most professional learning facilities in the state. It has very modern campuses and the student feedback is excellent. The teachers are some of the best-trained and dedicated and they focus on each student. Financial aid is also available for the students in need in order to offer everyone the chance to study.

The vocational training here is excellent and HVAC is a great choice nowadays given the blooming industry. The salaries are rising and the need for a new workforce is rising. The program here will teach you everything you need to know in order to start this career path.

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AddressAddress: 964 South Highway Drive Fenton, MO 63026

Waynesville Career Center

Waynesville Career Center is a place that believes that education empowers people and helps them to grow. Based on that, this school has some of the best vocational programs and some of the best-trained teachers in the whole state. The campus is great and the student facilities here are designed to make your stay here as pleasant and comfortable as possible. Financial aid is also available for certain student categories.

Among the best vocational programs, HVAC stands out as one of the most popular. The teachers and trainers will take you from scratch and teach you all the needed hands-on and theory skills in order to start a new career in this fast-developing field.

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AddressAddress: 400 G. W. Lane Waynesville, MO 65583

American Trade School

American Trade School is a great place to start your studies for a vocational career. The school has just a few specialties and they all focus on giving you a new job in the shortest amount of time. The labs and classes are very modern and the well-trained teachers are up-to-date with all the new technologies and techniques. The students are guided through all the educational process and financial aid is also available.

The HVAC training program is divided into 10-week semesters that each have a certain theme. This way you will be able to easily learn all the needed skills and theory in order to embark in this new career journey.

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AddressAddress: 3925 Industrial Drive Saint Ann, MO 63074

Southwestern Illinois College

Southwestern Illinois College is one of the largest and coolest learning facilities in the area. It has everything a student would desire. The school has some of the most modern campuses and in addition, the school has many other cool things like a radio, bookstore, cafes and sports fields. Your stay here will definitely be very enjoyable and the overall atmosphere is very warm and welcoming.

The vocational programs here focus on teaching you the skills and knowledge to get a new job and among the best ones is HVAC. During this intensive program, you will learn all the hands-on skills, theory and tips&tricks in order to enter this fast-developing industry.

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AddressAddress: 2500 Carlyle Ave Belleville, IL 62221

Jefferson College

Jefferson College was founded in 1961 and ever since it has been an example of professionalism and dedication. The school has both technical and theoretical specialties and the campus life here is simply amazing. The student facilities are very diverse and they will help you through your studies and stay. In it is needed, financial aid can also be granted to certain student categories.

The technical programs are very good and they will take you from scratch.  The HVAC program is among the most popular because this industry is in full development. After you graduate you will have all the knowledge to get in the work-field or to open your private business.

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AddressAddress: 1000 Viking Drive Hillsboro, MO 63050

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