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Being one of the largest cities in the US, Houston is one of the best cities in terms of opportunities.

Hot, bustling, and forever awake, this city is one of the best places for your academic training and it offers many great schools that will kick-start your future career.

Some of the best ways to describe this place in terms of education are pride, tradition, and professionalism.

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Florida Career College

Florida Career College is one of the youngest schools in this area but the age is not an impediment in terms of the quality of the education. The school offers an amazing campus that is closely located near all the interest points, including the college itself.

The education programs are very well-designed and they focus on both theoretical and practical learning. This school is famous for the hand-on approach that will prove very useful for your future career. More than that, this school can also offer financial aid for the students that need. The school is accredited by ACICS and COE and this will prove to be a very important aspect in your career because it guarantees a certain standard of education.

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AddressAddress: 70 FM 1960 West, Houston, 77090

Aviation Institute of Maintenance

The Aviation Institute of Maintenance is one of the largest schools that feature the HVAC learning program in the country. It has locations all over the United States and one of the biggest is in Houston. The school has great facilities that will help you gain the necessary skills for an entry-level position in this industry.

The school offers the students the possibility to take the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) certification that will make you stand out in front of other graduates. The education program offers theoretical and practical classes and one of the main advantages of this school is the diversity of fields in which you can apply your skills. Financial aid can also be offered in order to help your career path.

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AddressAddress: Houston 7651 Airport Blvd Houston, TX 77061

Altierus Career College

Altierus Career College is recognized for the great learning programs and the amazing campus. The college offers very good facilities and teachers that will help you enhance your skills. It also offers financial aid in order to help everyone in need.

The HVAC program is 9 months long. In this period you will learn all the necessary skills in order to become one of the best in your field. The technical hands-on labs are known as some of the best in the country. The school offers a combination of online and live learning. This way you can have a flexible learning experience while still having great results. The school also offers all the tools and kits needed for your learning experience.

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AddressAddress: 9700 Bissonnet St., Suite 1400 Houston, TX 77036


Just like the motto says, this school believes in empowering people. Fortis is one of the largest learning facilities in the country. It offers many programs and one of the best in HVAC. The school offers great campuses and facilities so that you enjoy your learning experience.

The HVAC program focuses on practical skills. These are vital in this growing industry and this is why most of the program will focus on practical skills. The program will prepare you for both industrial, commercial and civilian projects. Upon completing the learning program you will be prepared for entry-level jobs. This school will teach you all the necessary skills and will empower you for your future career.

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AddressAddress: 1201 West Oaks Mall, Houston, TX 77082

Houston Community College

Houston Community College is one of the best options for someone interested in the HVAC industry. The school offers some of the best facilities in the country. The learning experience here is amazing and the teachers are some of the most skilled in the field.

The HVAC program focuses on both practical and theoretical skills. More than that, the students learn the art of communication. This field requires good technical and communication skills in order to succeed. Another important point is the emerging technology. The students will learn about all the new technologies and procedures in order to be the very best in their field.

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AddressAddress: 3100 Main Street, Houston TX 77002

MIAT College of Technology

This school has just celebrated its 50 year anniversary and it stands as one of the most respected in the United States. The campus offers great development opportunities for all the students. The friendly and professional environment will prove to be amazing for your growth.

The HVAC program takes just 9 months to complete. This will help you start your career very easily. The learning experience focuses on preparing you for the real situations that will occur. Theoretical knowledge is also at very high standards. Upon completion, you will receive a series of certificates that will be extremely useful for your future career.

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AddressAddress: 533 Northpark Central Drive Houston, Texas 77073

Lone Star College System

Modern, dynamic and professional, Lone Star offers one of the best learning experiences out there. The campus has modern facilities that will prove amazing during your stay here. Financial aid can also be offered to start your career. This school was rated one of the best colleges in the country and the results speak for themselves.

The HVAC course takes just 9 months so that you can quickly start your career. You will learn all the necessary theoretical and practical skills from the best teachers. The program focuses on real-life skills and situations. This way you will learn to be one of the best in your field.

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AddressAddress: 5000 Research Forest Drive The Woodlands, Texas 77381

San Jacinto Community College

San Jacinto Community College is famous for its friendly atmosphere and amazing programs. The college has great facilities that will make your stay here an amazing experience. Financial aid can also be offered to help you start your career.

The HVAC fast track program takes 16 weeks. This way you will be ready for your new career very quickly. In this time you will learn all the theory and technical requirements of this job. Upon completing the program, you will be ready for the industrial, commercial and civilian projects. This college prepares you for a real-life job and also offers the needed accreditations.

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AddressAddress: 8060 Spencer Hwy Pasadena, TX 77501

Lee College

Lee College is one of the most friendly and diverse learning facilities in Houston. The main goal of this place is to offer education to everybody. One of the main policies of this college is to fight against discrimination and to treat all the students equally. The campus and college offer amazing learning opportunities.

The learning program for HVAC is excellent and very well-designed. It offers all the necessary skills for this job. You will learn how to tackle all sorts of situations and projects. At the end of your study, you will receive all the necessary accreditations for your future job.

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AddressAddress: 200 Lee Drive, Baytown, TX 77520

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