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Because of its dynamic environment, the HVAC industry in Fresno, CA has been thriving.

It’s evidenced by the average hourly salary base rate HVAC technicians receive, which is $28.54 per Indeed.

So if you want to earn just as much, you must first learn the trade.

You can do that by completing an approved HVAC program from one of the schools below.

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HVAC Techs annual average salary in California is $61,670 - ABOVE U.S. AVERAGE!

UEI College - Fresno Campus

About the School

At UEI, you can get career training and skills that will help you create a future you can be proud of.

UEI believes that every student should have the opportunity to have a better future and will work with you to help make that happen.

Its supportive faculty and staff are committed to helping you reaching your goals, even when challenges arise.

From help with finding the right career path to finding a potential employer after you graduate, UEI is committed to being your partner in success.

Courses Offered

UEI’s Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) Technician Training Program provides students with the knowledge, skills, and hands-on training needed to begin an entry-level HVAC technician career.

UEI’s HVAC classes teach students how to install, service, maintain, troubleshoot, and repair HVAC and refrigeration systems.

The course also prepares students for two important certifications in the HVAC Field.

The two certifications are the EPA Section 608 Certification for stationary air conditioning and refrigeration and the R-410A Certification.

If you enjoy working with your hands on current technologies, you should consider enrolling in UEI’s HVAC Training Program.

The program is designed to provide students with the foundational skills required for a rewarding career as an HVAC Technician.

The great thing about UEI’s HVAC Training Program and Course is that it can be completed, and you can earn your diploma in as few as 10 months.

Some employers tend to prefer students with a post-secondary education over students who do not have such an education because HVAC systems have become so complex that students need an education that teaches them how to install, maintain, and repair such systems.

So, if you’re interested in becoming an HVAC technician, consider enrolling in the program today!

UEI understands that its students often have hectic schedules.

For this reason, it has created hybrid programs that blend both on-site classes with online learning, making it more convenient than ever before for individuals to become HVAC Technicians.

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AddressAddress: 3602 N. Blackstone Ave. Suite O268 Fresno, CA 93726

Institute of Technology - Clovis-Fresno Campus

About the School

At the Institute of Technology the family mission is to inspire, support, and empower students through education and career development.

IOT’s personal, professional paths of learning stem from an earnest desire for students to succeed in their fields of study and future careers.

IOT strives to be an educational leader by offering programs to its graduates that will give them an advantage in today’s highly competitive workplace.

Courses Offered

IOT strives to empower and support students through quality education and career development.

IOT’s Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) program provides hands-on training for students in the theories, techniques, and practices involved in the HVAC field.

Students will learn to install, maintain, and troubleshoot HVAC system installations and will be conversant with industry standards.

Students are also prepared to complete the EPA Universal certification process, which is required for graduation.

IOT includes a toolkit in the cost of the program.

And so, their HVAC program will…

  • Tap into the students’ mechanical aptitude and love for problem-solving to polish their trade skills
  • Prepare them for various entry-level positions in residential and commercial construction
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AddressAddress: 564 W. Herndon Ave. Clovis, CA 93612

San Joaquin Valley College - Fresno Trades Education Center

About the School

San Joaquin Valley College prepares graduates for professional success by offering Baccalaureate and Associate of Science Degrees and Certificates of Completion in business, medical and technical career fields.

The College serves a diverse student population with a common interest in professional development through career-focused higher education.

The College is committed to student development through the achievement of measurable learning outcomes, emphasizing a balance of hands-on training and academic instruction.

The College identifies and responds to the educational and employment needs of the communities it serves.

The College is committed to the success of every student.

Courses Offered

SJVC provides career-focused education to help students with their professional development.

Students in its Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning, and Refrigeration program learn:

  • Heating and cooling principles
  • Electrical theories
  • How to diagnose mechanical and electrical problems
  • Proper installation, servicing, and replacement techniques

Their hands-on approach to teaching students in its Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning, and Refrigeration program allows them to develop the skills to work in the heating and cooling industry.

Their HVAC programs will…

  • Balance lectures and hands-on training to achieve the desired learning outcomes
  • Prepare students for employment in the HVAC industry

The school offers the following programs:

  • AAS in HVAC/R
  • Certificate in HVAC/R
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AddressAddress: 4985 East Andersen Avenue Fresno CA 93727

Fresno City College

About the School

Fresno City College is a comprehensive learning community offering innovative instructional programs in anticipation of and responsive to the lifelong learning needs of our diverse population.

The College provides a wide variety of supportive services to assist our students in achieving their educational goals.

It is dedicated to working collaboratively with the community to enhance the economic and social development of the region.

As California’s first community college, Fresno City College provides access to equity- centered, quality, innovative educational programs and support services.

Courses Offered

FCC aims to support students in achieving their educational and career goals.

The best, highest paid HVACR (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning & Refrigeration) Technicians:

  • Have mastered fundamental HVACR concepts
  • Are practiced in the art of critical thinking
  • Effectively communicate details of their work to customers and co-workers.

For more than 25 years, FCC has been focused on these high performing characteristics!

As such, its HVAC programs will train students to…

  • Master the HVAC/R fundamentals
  • Practice the art of critical thinking
  • Communicate well with clients and colleagues

The school offers the following programs:

  • AAS in HVAC Technology II
  • Certificate of Achievement in HVAC Technology I
  • Certificate of Achievement in HVAC Wireless Control I
  • Certificate of Completion in HVAC RETA-CARO Certification Ready

To this end, its highly trained, exceptionally experienced instructors guide students toward a successful HVAC career in its state of the art, 7,000 square foot training facility.

Throughout the program, you may take NATE, R-401A, EPA/Federal Clean Air Act – Section 608, or NCCER industry certifications.

Equipped with a degree, certificate, and/or certification in air conditioning, your first job as an HVAC Technician is closer than you might think!

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AddressAddress: 1101 East University Ave. Fresno, CA 93741

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