9 HVAC Schools in Riverside, California

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Known for its cultural diversity, Riverside, CA has plenty of driven young adults who want to enter the HVAC industry.

One reason they do so is the competitive pay they’ll get once they start working.

Per Payscale, they’ll earn an average salary base range of $13.00 to $26.62 an hour.

So if you’re like them, consider enrolling in an approved HVAC program to start your HVAC career.

We listed a few HVAC schools below for you to choose from.

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HVAC Techs annual average salary in California is $61,670 - ABOVE U.S. AVERAGE!

UEI College - Riverside Campus

About the School

At UEI, you can get career training and skills that will help you create a future you can be proud of.

UEI believes that every student should have the opportunity to have a better future and will work with you to help make that happen.

Its supportive faculty and staff are committed to helping you reaching your goals, even when challenges arise.

From help with finding the right career path to finding a potential employer after you graduate, UEI is committed to being your partner in success.

Courses Offered

UEI’s Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) Technician Training Program provides students with the knowledge, skills, and hands-on training needed to begin an entry-level HVAC technician career.

UEI’s HVAC classes teach students how to install, service, maintain, troubleshoot, and repair HVAC and refrigeration systems.

The course also prepares students for two important certifications in the HVAC Field.

The two certifications are the EPA Section 608 Certification for stationary air conditioning and refrigeration and the R-410A Certification.

If you enjoy working with your hands on current technologies, you should consider enrolling in UEI’s HVAC Training Program.

The program is designed to provide students with the foundational skills required for a rewarding career as an HVAC Technician.

The great thing about UEI’s HVAC Training Program and Course is that it can be completed, and you can earn your diploma in as few as 10 months.

Some employers tend to prefer students with a post-secondary education over students who do not have such an education because HVAC systems have become so complex that students need an education that teaches them how to install, maintain, and repair such systems.

So, if you’re interested in becoming an HVAC technician, consider enrolling in the program today!

UEI understands that its students often have hectic schedules.

For this reason, it has created hybrid programs that blend both on-site classes with online learning, making it more convenient than ever before for individuals to become HVAC Technicians.

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AddressAddress: 1860 University Ave. Riverside, CA 92507

Summit College - San Bernardino Campus

About the School

Since its founding in 1991, Summit College has provided affordable, quality education to students seeking new paths.

Summit College began with one campus in Colton, California, which was quickly approved by the Bureau of Private Post Education.

Then, just three years later, in 1994, it received national accreditation from the Accrediting Council for Continuing Education and Training (or ACCET).

Its three accredited locations give you more options as you seek to elevate your career.

Courses Offered

Becoming an HVAC technician means you could have great long-term job prospects and a career you can feel good about that has you interacting with all kinds of people from all walks of life.

And Summit College can help you get the training and skills you need.

The College has been doing it since 1991 — it’s practically in its DNA.

Summit College believes they are in this together with every student; you’ll get all the support and encouragement you need every step of the way, even after graduation.

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AddressAddress: 804 East Brier Drive San Bernardino, CA 92408

InterCoast College - Riverside Campus

About the School

InterCoast Colleges provides occupational degrees and certificate programs to prepare students to meet employer expectations for training related employment.

InterCoast promotes a student centered, culturally diverse, equitable and inclusive learning environment for its students.

Courses Offered

The HVAC Training Program is designed to prepare students for careers installing and maintaining heating and air-conditioning units.

When qualified, HVAC Technicians work in residential homes, retail stores, and other buildings.

This practice-oriented, 9 month-long program includes instruction in diagnostic techniques, the use of testing equipment, and the principles of mechanics, electricity, and electronics related to the repair of heating, air conditioning, and refrigeration systems.

This means receiving more practical hands-on skills that employers of today are looking for.

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AddressAddress: 1989 Atlanta Ave. Riverside, CA 92507

San Joaquin Valley College - Ontario Campus

About the School

San Joaquin Valley College prepares graduates for professional success by offering Baccalaureate and Associate of Science Degrees and Certificates of Completion in business, medical and technical career fields.

The College serves a diverse student population with a common interest in professional development through career-focused higher education.

The College is committed to student development through the achievement of measurable learning outcomes, emphasizing a balance of hands-on training and academic instruction.

The College identifies and responds to the educational and employment needs of the communities it serves.

The College is committed to the success of every student.

Courses Offered

SJVC provides career-focused education to help students with their professional development.

Students in its Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning, and Refrigeration program learn:

  • Heating and cooling principles
  • Electrical theories
  • How to diagnose mechanical and electrical problems
  • Proper installation, servicing, and replacement techniques

Their hands-on approach to teaching students in its Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning, and Refrigeration program allows them to develop the skills to work in the heating and cooling industry.

Their HVAC programs will…

  • Balance lectures and hands-on training to achieve the desired learning outcomes
  • Prepare students for employment in the HVAC industry

The school offers the following programs:

  • AAS in HVAC/R
  • Certificate in HVAC/R
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AddressAddress: 4580 Ontario Mills Parkway Ontario, CA 91764

Riverside City College

About the School

Riverside City College serves a diverse community of learners by offering certificates, degrees, and transfer programs that help students achieve their educational and career goals.

The College strives to improve the social and economic mobility of its students and communities by being ready to meet students where they are, valuing and supporting each student in the successful attainment of their goals and promoting an inclusive, equity-focused environment.​

Courses Offered

RCC provides quality education so students can meet their career goals and dreams.

The air conditioning & refrigeration program provides a great opportunity for career development for people who enjoy working with their hands, using tools, and working to understand and correct problems that may occur in an air conditioning and refrigeration system.

Their HVAC programs want students who are skilled with their hands to understand and learn everything about the trade.

The school offers the following programs:

  • AS/Certificate in HVAC Commercial Technology
  • AS/Certificate in HVAC Residential Technology
  • AS in Building Energy Systems Professional in HVAC Technology
  • Certificate in Building Automation Control
  • Certificate in Building Inspection Technology
  • Certificate in Residential Installation
  • Certificate in Zero Net Energy
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AddressAddress: 4800 Magnolia Avenue Riverside, CA 92506

Center for Employment Training

About the School

What makes CET different is over the last 50 years it has mastered integrated job training services to support your success.

CET’s Contextual Learning Model was designed with the end in mind.

Its success is not measured by the number of students enrolled.

CET is successful when you get the skills to get the job and its diploma is your first paycheck.

This means CET provides you with hands-on training and no surprises.

From day one, CET treats you like you are on the job and not just a student.

Programs are designed to get you job-ready in the shortest time, not pass a test to get a letter grade and take the next class.

CET delivers real-world job training.

What your future boss will expect, CET expects.

Courses Offered

CET understands how important mastering job skills is to students’ career success.

In CET’s hands-on HVAC and green technology job training program, you’ll get the skills you need for a job installing or servicing air conditioning, ventilation, or heating units.

Learn safety, hand tools, basic electricity, equipment, and plumbing related to HVAC maintenance and repair.

In addition to working with tools and HVAC equipment, you’ll learn the fundamental concepts of refrigeration, ductwork, silver brazing and soldering.

Once you graduate, CET will help you find a job in the HVAC field using green technology.

And so, its HVAC and Green Technology program will train you in the skills you need for HVAC work.

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AddressAddress: 1099 N Pepper Ave, Colton, CA 92324

San Bernardino Valley College

About the School

San Bernardino Valley College provides innovative instructional programs and cohesive student services to support the educational goals of a culturally diverse community of learners by engaging in continuous improvement and actively working towards an antiracist culture to foster an environment of meaningful learning and belonging for its students, employees, and the community.

Through offering a variety of degrees, certificates, skill-building courses, and opportunities for personal and professional enrichment, San Bernardino Valley College strives to be the institution of choice for the region.

Its inclusive culture, quality education, and comprehensive support services will create leaders dedicated to promoting social justice and community advocacy on a local and national level.

Courses Offered

SBVC strives to prepare students for life-long learning, the workforce, and the global job market.

The Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Department prepares students for employment in the field of heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration.

The employment opportunities in this field are expected to increase during the next decade due to the need to increase energy efficiencies of this equipment and incorporating building automation network and programming.

Air conditioning in offices, stores, hospitals, schools and other non-residential buildings has become commonplace.

Refrigeration is also necessary for the production, storage, and marketing of food and other perishables.

So their HVAC programs will ensure that students will receive training that will prepare them for employment.

The school offers the following program:

  • AS in HVAC/R
  • Certificate of Achievement in HVAC/R
  • Certificate of Achievement in Refrigeration Service Engineer Society (HVAC)
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AddressAddress: 701 South Mount Vernon Avenue San Bernardino, CA 92410

Mt. San Antonio College

About the School

The mission of Mt. San Antonio College is to support and empower all students in achieving their educational goals in an environment of academic excellence.

Specifically, the College is committed to providing quality education, services, and workforce training, empowering students to attain success in an ever-evolving diverse, sustainable, global society.

The College pledges to serve students so they may achieve their full educational potential for lifelong learning, for attaining certificates and associate and bachelor’s degrees, for employment, and for the completion of career and transfer pathways.

Courses Offered

Mt. SAC aims to provide students with quality education and workforce training so they can reach their full potential.

The Mt. SAC Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Technology program prepares students for a high paying career in air conditioning, heating and refrigeration through a two-year associate of science degree or a certificate that leads to occupations in design, manufacturing, operations, sales, distribution, installation, maintenance and repair.

Their HVAC programs train students in HVAC work, leading to employment in various fields.

The school offers the following programs:

  • AS in AC and Refrigeration
  • Certificate in AC and Refrigeration
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AddressAddress: 1100 N. Grand Ave. Walnut, CA 91789

Brownson Technical School

About the School

Brownson Technical School began over 30 years ago and today they are regarded as an educational leader in HVAC vocational industry.

They remain abreast of changes that impact HVAC employees and employers as well as emerging HVAC technology.

Three generations of Browns have dedicated themselves to the industry and will continue to provide that leadership far into the 21st century.

Courses Offered

BTS, as an HVAC educational leader, aims for students to start a meaningful career in the HVAC industry.

Its focused HVAC Technician training programs will prepare you to make a seamless transition into the HVAC industry or gain the certification you need to stand out from the rest.

You’ll learn the skills that will help you become a valued and certified HVAC, while also developing industry connections and relationships.

With over 30 years in HVAC training, BTS knows what it takes to excel in this industry.

It also continually invests in the latest technologies so that you’re ready to meet and exceed expectations on the job.

Their HVAC programs have specialized training to keep students up-to-date with the latest trade skills and insights.

In this way, students can have a smooth entry and transition into the industry.

The school offers the following programs:

  • I’m New to HVAC
  • I Already Work in HVAC
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AddressAddress: 1110 Technology Circle Suite D Anaheim, CA 92805

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