4 HVAC Tech Schools in San Jose, California

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San Jose is one of the largest and most dynamic cities in California.

It is located in the gorgeous California Bay area and right near the famous Silicon Valley.

The city offers one of the best educational facilities in the state and you will definitely find a great start for a new career.

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HVAC Techs annual average salary in California is $50,241 - ABOVE U.S. AVERAGE!

San Jose City College

San Jose City College is one of the most fun and professional places to start a new career. Located in one of the best areas in San Jose, this school has something to offer to everybody. The school facilities and campus will offer you great student life. The teachers here are very well-trained and they focus on every single student.

The vocational programs focus on preparing you for a real-life job and among them, HVAC is one of the best. During your training you will acquire all the skills to install, repair, troubleshoot and maintain any system.

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AddressAddress: 2100 Moorpark Ave San Jose, CA 95128

California Community College System

California Community College Systems represents a great learning facility that gathers 114 colleges from the state of California. The system focuses on guiding students through education. The colleges included in this system are some of the best and they offer some of the best facilities and campuses. Financial aid is also available for the students in need.

The vocational programs of this system prepare the students for real-life jobs. The HVAC technician program takes a short time and during your training, you will be taught the latest technologies and techniques in order to become the best in your field.

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AddressAddress: 900 Fallon Sreet Oakland, CA 94607

Center for Employment Training

At the Center for Employment Training, you will receive all the needed assistance and guidance to start a new career. This place focuses on each student and the teachers here will prepare you for a real-life job. In terms of facilities, this place is one of the most modern in the area and it has labs and classes that are designed to imitate real-life situations.

The HVAC training here is well-rounded and it will guide you through all the hands-on skills and knowledge needed to start a new career. The school also offers financial aid and assistance for the students in need.

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AddressAddress: 701 Vine St San Jose, CA 95110

City College of San Francisco

City College of San Francisco has a long and proud history of successful students and educational programs. Located in the bustling city of San Francisco, this place is a great career start. The teachers are very well-trained and they focus on teaching and training the students for real-life careers. The campus and school are very modern and they will offer you an amazing student experience.

The HVAC is among the best vocational education programs and it is a great career choice. This industry is constantly growing, making this career choice a very wise one. Upon graduation, you will ready to apply for entry-level jobs or to start a business of your own.

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AddressAddress: 50 Phelan Ave San Francisco, CA 94112

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